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Self Assessment (Free Online Screening)


Serene Me Online self-assessment +scoring for depression (PHQ9) and anxiety (GAD7), also PTSD (IES scale) and Health Anxiety

Online self-assessment for depression and anxiety and alcohol

Psy-World 10 item self-assessment for depression.



Self-Help for Mental Health Problems



Self-Help Information on Diabetes, Weight & Heart Disease 


This is a downloadable information resource for patients with mental ill health regarding diabetes, weight management and heart disease produced by Professor Marc DeHert and colleagues (Belgium) with support from Sanofi-Aventis.

These links are the ones mentioned in the BBC Radio 4 programme "All in the Mind" October 2011. Listen again here

See also a new completely free slideshow on metabolic complications of antipsychotics to download here

New 2012 algorithm on metabolic monitoring in young people prescribed antipsychotic medication


Help for Alcohol Problems 


Here are a series of leaflets and self-help materials for alcohol problems. Copyright is retained by original authors 




Leicestershire Diabetes Patient Leaflets


Nutritionists Advise on Weight and Diet


Rethink's Info on Physical Health



Physical Health Check tool (583 kb)

Physical Health Check - Guidelines for use (335 kb)

Physical Health Check Information Resource (744 kb)

Physical Health and Nutrition Factsheet (542 kb)


Royal College of Psychiatrists List of Physical / Mental Tools for Clinicians 




NHS Choices Patient Videos 


National Patient Narratives from www.healthtalkonline.org


People's stories: see, hear and read their experiences...

Healthtalkonline is the award-winning website of the DIPEx charity and replaces the website formerly at dipex.org. Healthtalkonline lets you share in other people's experiences of health and illness. You can watch or listen to videos of the interviews, read about people's experiences and find reliable information about conditions, treatment choices and support.
The information on Healthtalkonline is based on qualitative research into patient experiences, led by experts at the University of Oxford. These personal stories of health and illness will enable patients, families and healthcare professionals to benefit from the experiences of others.

Select a particular diagnosis below to see peoples cancer stories, by topic:


  Lung Cancer Narratives Ovarian Cancer Narratives Lymphoma Narratives  
  Prostate Cancer Narratives DCIS/Breast Cancer Narratives Colorectal Cancer Narratives  
    Cervical Cancer Narratives    






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