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 Courses in Psycho-oncology


   A short list of courses available in Psycho-oncology, updated July 2012


 Degree level


 University of Salford (Manchester UK) - MSc in Psycho-oncology  http://www.salford.ac.uk/courses/psycho-oncology [3 years part time]

 McGill University (Canda) - Psychosocial Oncology Research http://www.medicine.mcgill.ca/oncology/education/edu_graduate_psychosocial.asp [3 credits]



 Certificate level


 University of Salford (Manchester UK) - PGCert in Psycho-oncology  http://www.salford.ac.uk/courses/psycho-oncology

 University of Calgary (Canada) - Psychosocial Oncology Course (MDSC 635) link

 University College Dublin (Ireland) - Certificate in Psycho-oncology link

 University of Hong Kong  - Certificate Course in Psycho-oncology  link

 Centre for Psycho-oncology Education & Research (Bangalore India) - diploma in Psycho-oncology link


 Informal level


 University of Melbourne (Australia)  - Short Course in Psycho-oncology   link link

 University of Toronto (Canada) - Interprofessional Psychosocial Oncology: Intro to Theory and Practice  link





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