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Essential Facts 


There are 2 million people living with cancer in the UK


There are about 20,000 people living with cancer in Leicestershire & Rutland, and 5000 new patients diagnosed per year


Each year the burden of cancer increases due to an increase in new diagnosis and an increase in those living with


About half of people with cancer have a significant emotion complication at any one time


About 1 in 5 of people with cancer have a clinical depression at any one time (about 1 in 3 in the first two years after their diagnosis)


6 out of 10 report an emotional problem after cancer


Anxiety (fear of cancer returning or progressing) is the most common concern for people living with cancer


Team Facts (re the LPT Psycho-oncology team)  


The Core Team

Consists of a full time NHS psychiatrist working 10 sessions; two part time psychiatric nurses; full time PA/secretary. All other team members are voluntary, honorary or students. More info here


Core business

Is clinical care of cancer patients regarding psychiatric, emotional and psychological complications. We provide a service to UHL


We are multidisciplinary

Including honorary staff and visitors then we have psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, students and GPs (in training) as part of the team.


We are good value.

The trust only pay for 4 team members, another 8 work for free on a voluntary basis. Our entire budget is the lowest of any multidisciplinary team in the trust


We are busy (especially for a small team)

We have over 1100 contacts (aka consultations) per year for about 300 patients. At any one time we are treating between 150-200 patients.


We are expanding

By 4% per month by referral, by funding, and by staff; but many patients emotional needs are still unmet


We Provide Excellent Quality

According to the 2011 patient survey and according to provider feedback


Management of Change

We are in negotiation with LPT about changes to the Psycho-oncology team, the outcome has yet to be firmly decided.


History (of the LPT Psycho-oncology team)


Leicestershire is large midlands county with 1 million population including 30% ethnic minorities (largely from India and Pakistan) living in Leicester city.


The Leicestershire Psycho-oncology Service began formally in 2003. Before this time, referrals were seen as part of a general liaison psychiatry service with patchy coverage.


Following a successful bid, Leicestershire Northampton and Rutland cancer network highlighted the need for a Psychiatrist to act as a psycho-oncology lead (level 4 by NICE guidelines).


In 2004 we were joined by two mental health nurses.


In 2010 Dr Alex Mitchell was employed full time to work in psycho-oncology (previously it was 50:50)


In 2011 we were joined by GP trainee and also we appointed our first honorary research trainees, and in 2012 we appointed our first patient volunteer / patient volunteer coordinator. 






Summary of Service Delivery  

Team Photo 2012


A dedicated 9am 5pm clinical service provided to patients with cancer, aged 17 or older (including over 65s) across Leicestershire and Rutland.


An in-reach liaison psycho-oncology service provided to Leicester Royal Infirmary, Leicester General Hospital, Glenfield hospital and LOROS hospice with emergency cover out of hours.


Approximately 300 new patients seen in depth each year, with an average wait of only 7 days for outpatients and 48 hours for inpatients


1100 face-to-face follow up contacts seen at home and in the community per year


100 education talks prepared and delivery to front line cancer staff, since March 2003


Three network wide / national conferences organized and delivered on psychosocial care.





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