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Disclaimer in Detail


We hope that you will find our website informative and useful. However, we would ask that you use your common sense and note the following points: This website is provided for INFORMATION ONLY and is no substitute for professional medical help by a qualified doctor or other health care professional.


The information provided on this website is accurate to the very best of our knowledge. While we have taken every care to compile accurate information and to keep it up-to-date, we cannot guarantee its correctness and completeness. The information provided on this site does not constitute business, medical or other professional advice, and is subject to change. We do not accept responsibility for any loss, damage or expense resulting from the use of this information.


All links and telephone contact numbers are as accurate as possible but should you find any link or telephone number to be incorrect, please let us know and we shall be pleased to correct it.
We cannot accept responsibility for the sites linked to, or the information found there. A link does not imply an endorsement of a site; likewise, not linking to a particular site does not imply lack of endorsement.

Medical Advice

The information posted on this website is not to be taken as medical advice and is not intended to replace consultation with a qualified medical practitioner. The authors do not set out to nor do they answer specific medical questions.

Use of Data

Data (including handouts, presentations) from the website can be downloaded for personal use. If data is to be passed on to a 3rd party or used in any other publication, document or website, please seek permission from the website administrator.
Please reference and acknowledge the website if you are distributing or presenting the information. Please contact us for any commerical use.



We claim copyright on our own materials, but not on those produced by others. We advise users to check the copyright status of all materials before using. In any case where copyright of materials held on this website is in doubt, please contact us immediately. Otherwise we reproduce materials in good faith, without commercial gain, and under the assumption such materials are in the public domain.

Disclaimer of Liability

No persons involved in creating or maintaining the website will be liable under any circumstances for any direct, indirectly, incidental, special or consequential damages, loss of profits or otherwise resulting from the use or inability to use the website and/or any other websites which are linked to this site. Further, the foregoing parties will not be liable for any such damages, including, but not limited to, reliance by any other party or visitor on any information obtained through this website, or that result from mistakes, omissions, interruptions, deletion of files, viruses, errors, defects, or any failure of performance, communications failure, theft, destruction or unauthorised access. If and in so far as the website is accessed from or for states or countries which do not permit some or any/all of the above limitations, then liability shall be limited to such extent as is allowed by the relevant law.

conflicts of Interest

We have no commercial links to declare and no affiliation with any particular product or company. Any reference to products, services or links to third parties or any other information by either trade name, mark, supplier or otherwise does not constitute or imply any endorsement thereof or sponsorship or recommendation by the website author. No endorsement is implied by such links nor is there any contrary inference from the fact that no such other supplier is not mentioned heron. All references are for convenience only in the same way as an index in any public library.

Emailing Us

Please DO NOT send any sensitive or confidential information, or any request for medical information or medical help. Medical help for local patients should be through the relevant GP or allied health professional.





            Disclaimer: We are NHS employees but maintain this website in our own time and are hosted independently from our employers. We cannot offer clinical advice on this site. Local Leicestershire patients should contact us through their GP or related healthcare professional.

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